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Idaho residents, Fill out the form below to make your voice heard about the Newport Smelter. Your email will be sent to the following representatives:

  • Governor Butch Otter
  • U.S. Senator James Risch
  • U.S. Senator Mike Crapo
  • U.S. Representative Raul Labrador, Dist. 1
  • State Senator Shawn Keough, Dist. 1
  • State Senator Steve Vick, Dist. 2
  • State Representative Vito Barbieri, Dist. 2
  • State Representative Eric Redman, Dist. 2
  • Boundary County Commissioner LeAlan Pinkerton, Dist. 1
  • Boundary County Commissioner Walt Kirby, Dist. 2
  • Boundary County Commissioner Dan Dinning, Dist. 3
  • Bonner County Commissioner Glen Bailey, Dist. 1
  • Bonner County Commissioner Jeff Connolly, Dist. 2
  • Bonner County Commissioner Dan McDonald, Dist. 3

Stop the Smelter -- Idaho


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